FillMed Cryo Time Serum 100ml


Stimulates collagen synthesis which smooths wrinkles.


Behind the Science:

Cryotherapy produces a thermal shock, with vaso constriction and vaso dilation. This action accelerates the
penetration of the active ingredients through the Peltier effect.


Key ingredients:

Galactomannans and oligosaccharides matrix.


Directions for use:

You can use one, or blend 2 or 3 of the serums together depending on the clients indications. Use 16 pumps
for a for face and neck and decolletage for up to 10 minutes of Cryotherapy OR LED therapy, or 24 pumps for
up to 20 minutes. Use half the mixture per half of the face, neck etc. We recommend using a silicone spatula
to apply to avoid waste and ease of cleaning and sanitisation.


For external use only. Rinse eyes thoroughly.





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