Rene-Cell skin care is a renowned premium cosmetics brand based in Korea. It was founded in January 2011 and has successfully penetrated the global cosmetics market. With 33 branches and 700 physical stores established worldwide, Rene-Cell has achieved a prominent presence.

In South Korea, Rene-Cell is strategically positioned as a professional medical-grade cosmetic brand and is recognized as the world’s pioneer in stem cell micro-surgery skincare. By seamlessly blending the finest natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology, Rene-Cell has demonstrated its ability to enhance skin quality from within, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion. Consequently, Rene-Cell has earned the distinction of being the world’s inaugural skincare brand to offer micro-surgery effects.

Your daily at-home skin care routine matters more than you may think. 80% of your skin condition results come from your home care.

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