FillMed Glycopeel Mask 500ml

Glow – Restore – Tone


FillMed Skin Perfusion Glycopeel mask is designed to combat dull complexions, fine lines and blemishes, this revolutionary resurfacing mask restores tone & radiance to reveal younger-looking skin.


Usage – Use once a week PM after cleansing apply a thin layer and leave on between 3-5 minutes. This mask may tingle, you can tap your fingers on your face to trick your skin receptors. Rinse off with tepid water and then apply serum and moisturiser


Benefits – Resurfaces, exfoliates and brightens complexions. Instant glow, renewed complexion, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, refined skin texture


Key ingredients – 15% glycolic acid delivers powerful and gentle exfoliation and unclogs pores

Phytic acid – Brightens complexion.

Allantoin – Calming and soothing


Suitable for – All skin types except true sensitive skin



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